CSA Membership

Terms and Conditions


Members and Workshare Members

Joining a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is a great way to get fresh, local produce. By joining ECO Farm’s CSA program, you also support ECO’s mission for integrating mindfulness and sustainability into our personal lives and community. Please read and agree to the following  before finalizing your membership selection.

By submitting this membership application, I am requesting to be a member of ECO Farm’s 2021 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program (April 23 – November 25) . I understand and agree that this is a non-refundable non-transferable season-long contract. I understand this share entitles me to a portion of each harvest during the season, and that as a share-holder, I will share the risks as well. I agree to pick up my weekly share at the designated pick-up location and at the scheduled day and time, and understand that if I don’t pick up, my share will be donated.

As a shareholder, I agree to be responsible for observing ECO Farm’s following pick-up rules:

1. Return bag/box from last week to collect products.

2. Pick up share within the allotted time frame. Farm’s products can deteriorate if not picked up on time and stored properly.

3. Follow rules for pick up such as parking and social distancing.

By finalizing payment options, I hereby release, indemnify and agree to hold harmless ECO Farm, its owners, agents and employees from any and all claims, damage and/or liability he or she might suffer from being on the farm property, being at any of the CSA pick-up locations or from the purchase of a CSA membership, including but not limited to, the use or consumption of any food contained my CSA share or purchased at ECO Farm.

Workshare Program

ECO Farm's CSA Workshare is brand new for 2021 and builds on the day volunteer concept that we have been working with the last few years . We hope for this program to provide a meaningful experience for you, in addition to feeding your family. Workshare members receive in exchange for 4 hours of work per week, a 70% reduction in the usual membership fee. Workdays are typically Thursdays from 8AM-12PM or 10AM-2PM. This is the day we do our big harvest and prep for the CSA to pick up on Fridays and Saturdays, so workshare volunteers directly serve our CSA community by ensuring the crops are ready! Under certain circumstances, alternate days of work can be arranged when the farm is open, Monday-Friday 8AM-12PM. As such an important part of the team, it is essential that workshare members come on time and prepared to do the work needed. This includes wearing the proper clothing for the season and for farmwork, having sturdy closed toe and waterproof footwear, and bringing your own personal care items such as water bottles, sunscreen, hats and gardening or work gloves. With these things in mind, you agree that as a Workshare member:

1. You are able to commit to the full hours per week and for the entire season. You agree to arrange schedule changes in advance and to alert the Farm Manager in the case of emergency.

2.You are willing and able to get physical helping our community prepare food for each other. You recognize heavy lifting and carrying (up to 40 lbs.) along with squatting and bending and prolonged standing on concrete floors, are all part of this work and if you aren't in shape to do it, you are willing to get there.

3. You understand that self care is essential and agree to come, properly dressed and prepared to work your entire shift with little if any break.

4. You agree that children are not permitted to accompany you during your shift. Children,15 years of age or older and who can do the work alongside you for the full shift, may be allowed with prior arrangement.

5. You agree that any adult in your household, 21 years or older, may substitute for you with prior arrangement. We will gladly work with Moms and Dads who need to split the time!

6. You agree that ECO Farm is a smoke, alcohol, recreational drug, and firearm free zone and you agree to avoid bringing or consuming on premises. 

7. You agree to hold harmless, ECO Farm, Earth Citizen Organization, their partners, employees, interns, and volunteers from any harm, injury or illness arising out of your participation in the ECO Farm Workshare program....