Community Supported Agriculture

CSAs have been active in the United States since the mid- 1980s and form one of the foundational pillars of the "back to the farm" movement. CSAs provide one of the best ways for individuals and families to connect with their local farmers and receive the freshest, local and seasonal food available in their own community. 

As individuals our CSA membership helps to lower our carbon footprint by using less energy for transportation, eliminate groundwater pollution from pesticides and fertilizers, and manage the healthy nutrient cycling of the soil, keeping it productive for generations to follow.

The concept is very simple. The CSA member buys a "share" of the farms harvest, well in advance of the harvest season. The farmer uses these funds to purchase seed and supplies and to support the operation of the farm. Once the harvests begin, the CSA member comes each week to the farm to pick up their "share". The content of each week’s share truly follows the seasons, as everything is grown from seed to seedling, tended, and then harvested on the premises. 


With your support, ECO Farm is able to offer you a chance to visit the farm, eat fresh food full of vitamins and nutrients, learn about new vegetables and ways to cook, and develop a more personal relationship with who is growing your food.

New in 2021!

Workshare Program

Want to be a CSA member AND get your hands dirty? Now Verde Valley residents who want to LEARN and GROW  can exchange work hours for a portion of their CSA membership fee! For four hours per week from April to November + $200, workshare members receive a full share of the harvest!

Expanded Planting List

ECO Farm is expanding its offerings this year to include more variety throughout the season AND we are adding storage crops so that you and your family can enjoy ECO vegetables even after the season has ended! Expect more culinary herbs, more fun in the kitchen, and most importantly greater health by making local, seasonal, organically grown, vegetables the basis of your diet. 

Pick Up Location
ECO Farm
3080 Arizona 89A
Cottonwood, AZ 86326
Fridays 1PM-5PM
Saturdays 10AM-1PM

What is Community Supported Agriculture?


CSAs provide a direct connection between the farmer, who grows food (produce, animals, animal by-products) and people who eat food. It removes all of the commercial processes between the farmer and the consumer such as transporters, brokers, buyers, and processors. It delivers fresh, non or minimally processed foods directly to you. CSAs hold the promise of clean, fresh food without the trade off of soil and environmental destruction.


What are the Benefits of Belonging to a CSA?


By belonging to a CSA, you are taking direct action to improve the health of you, your family, and the Earth. Most CSAs and for sure ECO Farm, utilize organic, regenerative methods that increase the nutritional value of the food you eat while leaving the Earth in better condition than it was found. CSAs give families the opportunity to experience food flavors, quality, and novelty that is not available in the grocery store. ECO Farm gives families the opportunity to learn about where food comes from by providing volunteer, farm-to-table, and educational events.


What are the Risks of Belonging to a CSA?


CSA membership says that you recognize the value of fresh, nutritious food and that you are willing to share in the successes AND the failures of the farm. All farming (truly all of life) comes with some risk of failure. Drought, flood, wind, and pest pressures are ever present on the farm and even when we use regenerative practices and give our all to the farm, there will be crop failures. When big mono cropping farms insured by the government with your tax dollars fail, they collect a check. We don’t use that method, because it's not sustainable and has resulted in horrible damage to the Earth. Instead we plant diverse crops, care well for the Earth, use regenerative methods and  careful scientific analysis to evaluate our actions. By this method, we know that we will be able to provide for ourselves and our community, even as the environment changes. By accepting the risks of crop failures with us, you help us move towards a more sustainable and secure food system, where everyone benefits.


Is Belonging to a CSA for me?


To get the most out of a CSA share, an interest in nutrition, variety, exploration, and novelty is key. CSAs will challenge your flexibility, cooking skills, and creativity and the rewards can be seen in your enjoyment of new foods, new recipes, and the element of surprise. If you have a fairly set diet and need predictability in your weekly menus and you aren’t interested in changing that, then a CSA may not be for you. Also, CSAs rarely meet the food needs of the typical American diet and shopping at Farmer’s Markets may be needed to round out your meal plans for meats, grains and preserved/processed foods. The ECO Farm CSA shares include culinary herbs, seasonal greens and vegetables along with fruits and nuts. 

ECO Farm CSA Membership supports mindful living AND  regenerative agriculture. VOTE with your dollars, and be an active participant in your own health and wellness!