Who We Are


Ilchi Lee believes that in order to make a better world, we must shift our consciousness in certain simple, but fundamental ways. The key lies in learning to view ourselves first and foremost as Earth Citizens. Before we are citizens of a nation or members of an ethnic group, we belong to the Earth. When we realize this we can

move beyond what keeps us divided and disconnected. If we are to meet the challenges we are now facing, it is essential that we acknowledge that the planet’s care is our collective responsibility. His ideas on the Earth Citizen Movement are well-described in his books, including Earth Management: A Dialogue on Ancient Korean Wisdom and Its Lessons for a New Earth.

The goal of the Earth Citizens Organization is to help direct the world’s future toward peace and sustainability. We understand this can happen if open-hearted, dedicated people from around the world realize their true value and join in the effort to create a culture of mindful living. ECO Farm has been created to model this and provide the time and space needed for deep internal change. 


is located in the Verde Valley near Cottonwood, Arizona. The farm itself rests in the riparian zone of the Verde River and we are dedicated to the stewardship of this delicate ecological area as we develop a diverse, multi-species, organic fruit, vegetable, and herb farm. At ECO Farm we are using Permaculture Design methods, food forest strategies, and organic market farming to help our local community become more connected and sustainable.


ECO Farm

ECO Farm feeds the community in body and mind through its Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)  and Farm X  (gardening and sustainability) programs and we guide residential programs in wellness and sustainability through our FLEX (Farm Life and Leadership Experience) program. Our mission is to help Earth Citizens develop themselves as leaders in this movement towards a more loving relationship with Nature.

The farmers, staff, and volunteers at ECO Farm are focused on projects and programs that will bring about a fundamental shift in awareness of what the Earth's condition is and what we can do as individuals and small communities to help.

You Can Be A Part of How ECO Farm Develops!

Everyone who comes to ECO Farm has an opportunity to learn to work in harmony with Nature and to keep body and mind well.  Here, you have the opportunity to take a leadership role  through our residential intern program: tend our gardens, harvest and distribute crops, and help on special development projects such as irrigation, construction, carbon sequestration, solar power and more.


And for those who want to get something started in their own community, post program support in the way of video content and ECO Clubs helps the developing Earth Citizen to take powerful action!


Paul Yanson
Pam Rasch

While working in traditional western medicine, I experienced an epiphany that health and wellness are not created through a model of duality, but by the acceptance of personal responsibility and an understanding of the mind/body connection. My personal study and practice in taoist yoga, healing martial arts, and lifestyle modification while leading others to accept responsibility for their own health has given me some of  the most meaningful experiences of my life. I am most passionate about Permaculture Design and regenerative farming and their application in creating community and I am very grateful to be a part of this amazing project!

Peter Marsh

 In 1995, Peter moved to South Korea where he began practicing martial arts daily. Driven by a passion for inner understanding and personal mastery, it was natural to expand into yoga and meditation. Upon returning to the US, he taught in a number of locations but primarily in Los Angeles. In 2017 he escaped the busy city to reconnect with nature and live a more simple life. He is currently involved with the  


study of permaculture and homesteading. At ECO Peter wears more hats on his head than you see here. He farms, builds, leads yoga and meditation classes, shares humor, humility and the wisdom that comes with years of internal growth.